Shortcuts to easy-Speak for Members

easy-Speak Essentials

easy-Speak allows you to do three very important things easily. These are the most important functions that help us organize meetings.

  1. You can confirm your attendance at meetings.
  2. You can request a speech time to present a manual speech.
  3. You can sign up for a role at a meeting.

You must be signed into easy-Speak for these links to work.

Convenient Functions of easy-Speak

There are many convenient functions in easy-Speak that help you communicate with the members and executive, view up-coming meeting agendas and set and track your Toastmasters goals.  These are not essential for our meetings, but will help you with your Toastmasters goals.

Communicate with Members and Executive:

easy_Speak allows you to easily communicate with your club.

Goal Planning and Tracking:

To help you and the Vice President of Education, who is responsible for coordinating the club’s education program, plan and track your progress there are a number of charts and surveys for you to work with.

View Upcoming Meeting Agendas:

Fun Stuff:

  • Visiting other clubs is a great way to expand your Toastmasters knowledge, network and speak in front of a different audience.  Find Another Club Nearby
  • Contribute to the Photo Album

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